Something new has quietly come to Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.

According to FOX 17, there is a new 69,000 square foot Welcome Center that will be opening this week at Fredrik Meijer Gardens as you enter the sculpture park and will continue in the tradition of showcasing contemporary art.

I haven't been to Frederick Meijer Garden in a while. This is a place I have visited many time with my son and his older brother. When the weather first starts getting nice, it is always such an enjoyable walk, although you can feel free to make that walk anytime of the year you like.

FOX 17 spoke with Frederik Meijer Gardens President & CEO David Hooker who said, "the magnificent new Welcome Center is made possible by the generosity of Fred Y Lena Meijer, the extended Meijer family and hundreds of individuals, companies and foundations. The Welcome Center was created in response to an unprecedented embrace of our mission as reflected in our attendance, membership and donor base growth. Our appreciation is deep and sincere. Our architects, artists and garden designers have created a place to experience our mission that is truly world-class."

Later this year the Welcome Center will expand with two brand new levels and a new garden pavilion which should be very exciting for those who have season passes to visit Frederik Meijer Gardens.

The same architects who designed the Frederik Meijer Gardens Amphitheater, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, were the ones who also designed the new Welcome Center. Odds are this new Welcome Center is going to be magnificent.

Tod Williams said, "for me, our work for Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park has been a chance to revisit lesson from my childhood, lived and learned growing up in Michigan and the Cranbrook Community. Landscape, architecture and art are held in a fine balance. It has been a gift to add to this remarkable and beloved community."

We are very lucky to have a place like Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park here in Grand Rapids. This gives families a place to go, social distance, get some fresh air while kids can learn and all can be amazed at this ever changing work of art.

If you would like more info on what Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture park can offer you, just click here, then go and enjoy.

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