A popular restaurant in South Haven had to close down just days after reopening.

On Saturday afternoon a fire broke out in the kitchen of Clementine's. The restaurant posted about it on their Facebook page stating that it was a small fire, luckily. Staff noticed the smoke almost immediately and South Haven Area Emergency Services responded quickly to the scene to put the fire out. While everyone made it out safely, the "kitchen took a little beating in the process." No word on what actually caused the fire.

Clementine's remained closed the rest of the weekend and will still be closed on Monday. However, they posted an update on Sunday and said they would be ready to reopen on Tuesday.

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While restaurants and bars in Michigan were given the go to open their doors once again on June 8, Clementine's didn't reopen until June 15.

If you haven't been back since before the pandemic, some things to keep in mind is that they are requiring guests to wear face masks [until you're seated] and you're asked to wait for your table either outside or in your car. They're currently operating at half the capacity.

The restaurant has been a South Haven staple since 1982 and serve up some of your favorite classic American food 7 days a week. Clementine's also has a location in St. Joseph.

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