A Michigan State Police trooper's body camera caught him saving a deer tangled up in tricky situation.

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The MSP Southwest Michigan Twitter account shared the footage saying it came from Marshall Post Trooper Lamb's body cam.

On the video we can hear Trooper Lamb speaking reassuringly to a doe who has one of her hind legs wrapped in wire fencing.

"It's OK, I'm gonna help, I want to help your leg," he soothes.

Using some sort of tool, he's able to free the frightened animal. We see her dash off into the snow, and hopefully she'll be OK!

Great job, Trooper Lamb!

According to the Michigan DNR, white-tailed deer are found in every county in Michigan, in just about every habitat type, including both urban and suburban areas.

They recommend contacting your local DNR office if you encounter a sick deer or hurt deer. The DNR also reminds us to leave baby deer alone in the wild, as it is not unusual to find a fawn on its own and the mom is usually close-by.

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