Here are some of the craziest fights in sports history caught on camera.

In sports, emotions can run high and so can tensions between coaches and players as we saw with Michigan Basketball Coach Juwan Howard recently in a game against the Wisconsin Badgers.

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Howard was upset with the Wisconsin coach Greg Gard about a late-game timeout and wound up hitting Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft during a verbal altercation. This turned into a bench-clearing may lay between the two teams.

Michigan's Coach Juwan Howard Hitting Wisconsin Assistant Coach Joe Krabbenhoft

I know that Howard's altercation isn't the first time a coach or a player has gotten into a fight during a game. So I searched around to find some of the biggest fights in sports history that were caught on film.

Craziest Coach Vs Player Fights

Coaches and player fights are not just in basketball but football, baseball, hockey, soccer, you name it. This next video features form Detroit Piston Isaiah Thomas grabbing the neck of an assistant coach during a game. There are clips from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, professional soccer where a player head butts his coach. Even the GOAT Tom Brady has some words with an assistant coach of the New England Patriots. It's not just pro sports where there are problems, there are plenty of college teams in this video also. Click the link to watch on YouTube.

Jim Harbaugh vs Jim Swartz

The fight between Jim Harbaugh when he was coaching the San Francisco 49ers and then Detroit Lions coach Jim Swartz seemed a bit unnecessary but here it is in case you forgot about this one.

Occasionally in sports, even the referees find themselves in fights they did not provoke. Again, just click the link below to see these NFL players and referee's tangle.

Players Fighting Referee's

We all say it's just a game, but for some, it appears to be way more. Hopefully, coaches and athletes can clean it up for the kids that are watching and for the other players and coaches on their respective teams.

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