Get out your sandals, shorts, and tank tops because West Michigan is going to experience some warm weather next week. It might even be the perfect time to finish up picking up leaves or finishing any other yard work that was put off this fall.

West Michigan has experienced a bit of a cold snap over the last couple of days, but that is all going to change starting next week. Temperatures are going to slowly rise out of the 40s and into the 50s throughout the week, eventually peaking around 60 degrees on Thursday, December 16th.

That's right, next Thursday the high temperature forecasted to be 59°, which could easily scoot across the magic threshold of 60°.

WZZM 13 and Forecasts For Next Week

  • Monday - High of 47°
  • Tuesday - High of 46°
  • Wednesday - High of 56°
  • Thursday - High of 59°
  • Friday - High of 40°

If the temperature does reach 60°, it will be the second hottest temperature recorded on December 16th. And if it reaches 61° or higher it will tie or break the previous record of 61° recorded in 1984. The highest temperature ever recorded in December in Grand Rapids was 69° on December 5th, 2001. The average temperature for December 16th is 28.8°.

After the possible record high on Thursday, temperatures are expected to dip back down into the low 40s or even the high 30s on Friday followed by more seasonable temperatures in the 30s for the weekend.

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