Good news for the thirsty lawns in and around the City of Wyoming...The city's sprinkling ban was lifted as of 11 pm on Wednesday, August 19th, 2020.

On Tuesday, August 11th, the City of Wyoming issued a sprinkling ban for Wyoming and all surrounding communities that get their water supply from the City of Wyoming.

The city had declared a "Level Three Water Emergency' because of a water transmission main repair.  The repairs shut down one of the city's two water mains. That cut water capacity from 104 million gallons a day -- to just 35 million gallons! That means the system was running at about one-third of its capacity. Good weather and hard working contractors finished the repairs ahead of schedule. The repairs were scheduled to take much longer.

Typically, these type of replacement parts have to be made to order and can take three weeks to produce. Fortunately for the City of Wyoming, a part matching the size needed was found down in Indiana.

According to the City of Wyoming's website, the following communities are served by the Wyoming water system,

  • Zeeland Township
  • Park Township
  • Olive Township
  • Blendon Township
  • Holland Township
  • Georgetown Township
  • Jamestown Township
  • Byron - Gaines Township
  • City of Hudsonville
  • City of Grandville
  • A part of the City of Kentwood
  • City of Wyoming

Lawns around west Michigan are turning brown and getting crunchy. With temperatures climbing back into the 80s for the next week or so, conditions will continue to get even dryer. There is no significant chance of rain for the area for the next week.



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