Zach Sweers, who posts 'Catch A Predator' type videos under the name of Anxiety Wars, has been told once again to stop it.

The Michigan Attorney General, and the Michigan State Police, have once again asked vigilantes such as Sweers to stop going after and approaching suspected sexual predators with online videos.

Attorney General Dana Nessel released a statement this week in which he urged Sweers to "...leave this work to professionals." She added that vigilante work will not be tolerated in Michigan.

Sweers, who lures child predators in by pretending to be underage children online, had quit making the videos for a time. He recently has posted two new videos under his alias Anxiety Wars in the past three weeks where he personally confronts alleged predators after extensive online chatting, most of which is sexually charged.

The Michigan State Police also released a statement in which they warn of the hazards of chasing down potential predators.

"Vigilantes also open themselves up to civil litigation and criminal charges when acting outside of what laws allow," Detective 1st Lt. James Ellis, the commander of MSP's Cyber Section said in the statement.

WOOD-TV 8 talked to Sweers, and he seemed to poo poo the warnings. "I think the police don't like competition," he told them.

Sweers has also been sued by two men featured in his video, both suits were settled out of court.

My question is this: If Sweers has the time to chase down suspected predators, and those men run the risk of being exposed by him, isn't that a deterrent? Isn't there some way he can work had in hand with authorities to get these lowlifes off the internet?

Stay tuned, says Sweers. "I'm working on that," he told WOOD.

Here's his latest video, in which the predator bails when confronted.



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