Love the Brady Bunch, bell bottoms and silk shirts? This is the place for you

A Royal Oak bowling alley wants you to step back in time and enjoy a game or two. The Alley was purchased and redone to represent the style of the 70's when family and friends would gather to roll a few balls.

Kelly Elliott, Co-owners with Dean Elliott told Mlive why they decided to put $1.4 million into this retro 70s restoration project.

"I feel like it's kind of a piece of American nostalgia to keep the bowling alley alive and to give it that nod to retro. If you're going to do retro anywhere, where else does it make sense than a bowling alley?"

The bowling alley has been around since the 1950's but closed last year to be renovated. It was a lot of time and money but it was well worth it all! Now open, Co-owner Kelly said...

A lot of people tell me they grew up coming here with their grandparents or parents. This place almost got knocked down.

Thanks to Kelly and Dean, family traditions and fun can continue at Bowlero Lanes and Lounge. Next time you visit the east side of the state, iron your hair, grab your silk shirt and head out for a good time!

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