Stevie Wonder just kicked off his Songs in the Key of Life tour, which features him performing his classic album of that name in its entirety.

But he's also got two new albums in the works.

Stevie tells Billboard that he's so far got eight songs completed for a project called When the World Began. It's a series of orchestral remakes of his songs, done in conjunction with super producer David Foster.

"He had this idea of me doing a project with him and producing something with him where we'd take some of the songs I've done and give them a whole other interpretation by using a symphony orchestra," the Motown legend explains.

Wonder says that he's also changing up some of his classics, noting that he's taken "Isn't She Lovely" to "a whole other place" by adding a vocal by opera star Andrea Bocelli.

There's no release date for that project yet, but Stevie is also, he says, "75 percent" finished with an album called "Through the Eyes of Wonder."

When that finally comes out, it'll be his first studio collection of new material since 2005's "A Time to Love."

"I've been kind of messing with that for a while, and I'm excited about that," he says of the disc. "There's so much that has gone on between, say, 'Songs in the'Key of Life' and now -- in my life, in lives, just in the world. There have been some incredibly great things that happened and there have been some incredibly horrible things that have happened. There are some things that'll make you feel pessimistic that have happened, and there are some things that will make you feel optimistic as well at the end of the day."

"In that I've been able to witness all that, [the album] is kind of from the perspective as I see it. That's where I write from," he said.

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