We've finally had some warmer weather and like me you probably got your bike out of storage to go for a ride.

Do you have a classic? The Sting-Ray model made in the 70's is now fetching big bucks on EBay,

What is the Stingray of my youth? Well leave it to kids out west to copy the look of motorcycles called a Chopper.

The Schwinn Bicycle company of Chicago took notice and starting producing a Chopper Style Bike model way back in the 60's. Newer models from the 70's included 5 speeds with a 20 inch rear wheel and up front a Spring Fork with only a 16 inch front tire. Oversize handle bars and a banana seat finished the look.

So how much could your classic Stingray be worth? A 1972 Model called the "Lemon Peeler" is currently $6,500. Guess it's worth more with a rear disc break. Another model called the "Grey-Ghost" is being offered for $3899.

Hope you have one of these classics in your garage or basement. My Stingray knockoff from Huffy isn't probably worth $50 today if I still had it. I've moved on to a Trek mountain bike.

A few examples:

Classic Bikes Are Worth Big Bucks

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