Why did they steal it? No one has yet to answer that question, but at least the crooks were safety conscious.

It Went Unreported For Two Months And Was Officially Missing For A Month

I first reported on the cabin being stolen from a plot of land near Kalkaska in February. It had been stolen in December, but it wasn't reported to the Michigan State Police until over two months later on February 7.

The State Police reported the recovery late last week. They say they figured out the two people involved in the theft, but have yet to make any arrests.

According to a recent press release, the Houghton Lake State Police Post are still hoping people come forward with more information and notify them at 989-422-5101.

Cabin Suffered Some Damage, But The Crooks Were Thinking About Safety

A photo released by the Michigan State Police showed some minor damage to the once pristine modular cabin. But the photo also showed that the crooks were conscientious when moving it, because they wrapped in yellow warning tape, ironically known as "police tape".

Michigan State Police
Michigan State Police

The cabin was recovered from a property in Orange Township, east of US 131 and north of M-66, thanks to tips given to the police from residents. It was taken from Cold Spring Township, ten miles northeast of Orange.

Trooper Matthew Scott told the Detroit Free Press that the owner had not lived in the 12' x 28' cabin for years, but was unclear as to why someone would even want to steal it.

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