I'm not really sure how this awkward conversation went, but according to reports, a 28 year old man met a 48 year old woman on a plane, and well, the rest will be decided in court.

I only wish these two would show up in front of Judge Judy, because THAT would be darn entertaining.

The amorous couple had just met on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Detroit when they decided to get it on in the plane's rest room, which although heralded by many as the 'Mile High Club', is frowned upon by Delta management.

The problem may have been they got the festivities started in their seats, which caused squeamishness amongst the other passengers, according to WDIV Channel 4.

"There are children," another passenger told ClickOnDetroit. "There are families. There are seniors. These things should be respected."

Although why are we protecting Gramma? She's seen more than you know.

The two were literally passing in the night, as they had separate connecting flights out of the Motor City. She was from Nashville, and he was from Miami. And I'm pretty sure neither one of them was going to call the other after it was all over.

But now, they'll be seeing each other again in Federal Court, via the FBI, who probably would rather be doing other things.

“I haven’t found any law that prohibits sex on a plane,” said WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton. “However, they were still issued citations, possibly for indecent exposure.”

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