This just in... the worst public services cover-up since the Flint Water Crisis! Westland, Mich. high school student Hazel Juco was washing her hands in the school bathroom when she noticed something was off about the water coming from the faucet.The water was brown! Now wait a minute... this is Westland, not Flint. This isn't supposed to happen. Juco thought so too, so she snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook and Twitter.End of story, right? The school fixed the issue immediately and all is well again? WRONG!

Juco was called down to the principal's office and given a three day suspension for "inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom." That's right, this idiot principal saw the water issue in the bathroom and said, "Wait a minute. You're not even supposed to take pictures in there anyway!" There's just one problem, though. Juco says that EVERYONE takes selfies in the bathroom and they never get in trouble.

The superintendent of the district was notified and immediately called a plumber and began the action of removing the suspension from Juco's record.

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