Fox 17 reports that students returning to the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor will only be allowed back if they have a recent, school provided, negative COVID test.

As of next week, students making their way back on campus will need to take a test, which Fox 17 says they can go online to request a test to be sent to them, although all students who are living on campus should have info about the test in their school email account.  The University partnered with Quest Diagnostics for the testing, according to the UM website.  The website also says university officials expect students to "practice enhanced social distancing" for 14 days before their move-in date.

NBC25 also laid out the process students need to follow to get a test, and hopefully return to campus when classes start back up,

  1. All students moving into U-M Housing have been emailed detailed information on how to register for, request, and self-administer their Quest Diagnostics testing kit.

  2. Important steps for all students to get their test:

  3. Check your email for information to register and request your test kit on Dec. 28-30. Do not take your test when it arrives.

  4. Begin enhanced social distancing Jan. 1.

  5. Complete your self-collection and mail your sample to Quest Diagnostics on the same day using FedEx no later than 3:00 p.m. This must occur on a weekday.

  6. Results will be available in 72-96 hours. You must have a negative result in order to move into housing.

The University of Michigan website says that if you've tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days of your move-in date on campus, you don't have to take the pre-move-in COVID test, you can get more info on that HERE because there are some steps you still have to follow.


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