The more that the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 and COVID-19 are studied the more symptoms and long term effects of the virus and disease are being discovered.  The latest of which could have serious implications for men and their reproductive system.

Ever since people started to recover from the virus, a small percentage of men have complained about a variety of issues they have had with their genitals.  Ranging anywhere from swelling, to shrinkage, to infertility.

Several studies have been done regarding COVID-19 and the testicles and many patients have complained of symptoms developing in their genitals.  Many doctors and researchers believe that since the virus is known to attack ACE2 receptor, the virus could affect the testicles because of the abundance of ACE2 receptors there.

A study by the European Urology Focus that looked at deceased COVID-19 patients and their testes, they found that "Testes from COVID-19 patients exhibited significant seminiferous tubular injury, reduced Leydig cells, and mild lymphocytic inflammation."

And then, in an article by The Science Times: "A new study from Chinese and American researchers reveals that the new coronavirus could potentially injure testicles without infecting its cells."

And in a story by the South China Morning Post: "According to an earlier study in China, about one in five men reported “scrotal discomfort” after contracting the virus."

And finally, The Science Times reports: "In the latest study, more than 80 percent of the samples showed significant damage to the seminiferous tubules. These tubules found within the testicles are where sperm is made."

There is still much speculation about the effects of coronavirus and COVID-19 on the male reproductive organs, but there is no denying that some men have experienced some very unpleasant symptoms.

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