Recent news has broken about child labor violations that took place at multiple Dairy Queen stores in Bluffton, Decatur Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis in Indiana and at one location off of U.S. 12 in Sturgis, Michigan. All the violations took place under the umbrella of H&H Coldwater LCC, the Fort Wayne-based operator that owns and operates 11 Dairy Queen franchises between Indiana and Michigan. This news has sparked a misunderstanding from some people who may have mistaken this news with a rumor that the Coldwater location was responsible for this violation, to which they've quickly responded:

PLEASE READ THIS: I'm sure some of you have heard about certain DQ locations being fined for labor laws. This is NOT and I repeat NOT our Coldwater Dairy Queen or any of our other locations we own. Too many peoples confusion that one is in FORT WAYNE ON COLDWATER ROAD. We are in no way affiliated with any of those Dairy Queen locations. Our Dairy queen is located at 559 E. Chicago Street in COLDWATER MICHIGAN. Just wanted to clarify!!! Have a great day everyone
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Wage and Hour Division District Director Patricia Lewis from Indianapolis told the Sturgis Journal although having teens work is a positive to gain work experience, following the rules of child labor laws is crucial for their well-being:
Child labor laws protect teens' health and ensure their first job experiences are positive and manageable with schooling and other commitments.
H&H Coldwater LLC will now have to pay $42,572 in civil money penalties by Nov. 14.

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