What better way to learn team work than by setting a new world record!

The College Students Busted The Old World Record By Almost 4000 Food Items!

Interns at the Byron Center grocery store chain Spartan Nash created a world record-breaking packaged food word display this summer and then donated all the products to charity.

A group of 24 interns and a handful of employees from the store chain worked together to set a Guinness World Record.

They spelled out “SPARTAN NASH” in 16-foot high letters using over 5,791 packaged food containers. That smashed the previous mark, 1,111 food items, set by Freeform Foods in Hong Kong.

The Big Winner Was A Local Charity, Buist Community Center

The huge word laid out in the parking lot of the company’s Grand Rapids headquarters ended up being 150-feet long. It was made up of canned corn, green beans, fruit cocktail, boxed potatoes, brownies, cereal, and pasta, all of which was donated to local nonprofit Buist Community Assistance Center, to benefit families in need.


A representative from Guinness World Records was on-hand to verify the record. Videos of the attempt were posted to Facebook and Instagram.

The Interns Used The Record As A Team Building Exercise

The idea was the brainchild of Spartan Nash vice president Andy Clausen. "This was an incredible opportunity for the Spartan Nash interns to get experience coordinating on a big goal as a team," he says. "We planned this to allow for our interns to have something that sets them apart—not many people have a Guinness World Records title on their resume."

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