Do you like to drink beer while playing video arcade games?  You've gotta check this out. Dream Arcades, which makes all sorts of custom arcade cabinets and gear for your man cave, has invented something spectacular -- that just happens to encourage drinking and driving. The Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade is a racing game console that features an adjustable seat and steering wheel, both of which is covered in leather, along with the shift stick, force-feedback enabled gas, clutch, and break pedals, an HD monitor and a high end gaming PC that's pre-loaded with 200 racing and other arcade games.


And, most importantly, it has the ability to hold either two five-gallon kegs or one half-barrel keg -- with a tap built into the dash.  Wow! It's yours for only $5995.00  Please play responsibly. :)

Now I just have to convince my wife that I need a "Man Cave".

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