Wading through the tides of war can be tough, but Axe's Super Bowl 2014 commercial shows that sometimes love is all you need.

Just remember that Axe can't make up for a lack of showering.

In the latest of leaked Super Bowl commercials, Axe has gone to great lengths in order to promote its newest line of body spray, Peace.

This Super Bowl 2014 ad features stereotypes of warlords from countries all over as they try to rally their forces and unleash weapons of Stark Industries-like proportions.

The commercial presents allusions to the Vietnam War, World War II, North Korea (with its own Kim Jong-un impersonator), and the Middle East. The Vietnam War-replica scene features helicopters swarming a small, Asian farming village. One helicopter lands and a presumably-American soldier storms out of the chopper, brandishing an M-16 as the wind blows off an onlooking woman's caddy hat. A group of rich, Middle Eastern men sit at a meeting as the controls for a weapon of mass destruction is given to their leader. A WWII-era tank rides down a war-ridden city as people are running away from it. And the Kim Jong-un impersonator is overlooking his assembled armies as large missiles are being transported in front of him.

Then, the commercial takes a twist. A woman steps up to the tank and finds her lover emerging from the cockpit's hatch. The American soldier from the helicopter embraces the female farmer. The Middle Eastern man activates the controls and unleashes massive fireworks to impress the woman sitting next to him. And Kim Jong orders his armies to raise the posters they are all carrying to put together a giant picture of Kim Jong and his lady embracing.

Sure, Axe might make you smell like a used gym sock that was hit with Febreze, but it echoes the message to give peace (Axe's kind) a chance.

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