Dave Huyette and his friend Jeremy Reiland were ready and waiting in the the outfield bleacher seats at the World Series game 6, just in case someone hit a game winning home run.  It happened in the the eleventh inning when David Freese came up and hit the walk off home run to give the Cardinals the win in game six.


Dave Huyett and Jeremy Reiland jumped over the fence to the grassy area and jumped on the ball expecting to be mobbed by several fans looking for the ball.  He says he put it down his pants so no one new he had the ball.  shortly after a security guard approached them and said that Freese would like to have the ball.  Both Huyette and Reiland then given the royal treatment in the Cardinal's clubhouse.


Huyette gave the ball back in return for a signed bat and baseball. Plus they got pictures taken with the team.  By the way Jeremy...What's up with the Cubs jersey??  Check out the complete story and video on Big league Stew on Yahoo sports.


I take my hat off to Dave Huyette.  He is a true baseball fan!

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