Steely Dan is one of my top five favorite bands ever; I consider Donald Fagen to be a genius.

I’ve also been going through Boz Scaggs’ complete discography recently and I feel no shame admitting that I’m a Michael McDonald fan.

So how did I not know that all three are in a super group called The Dukes of September?!

Well, they are!

According to their label 429 Records

The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue, formed in 2010, is a resurrection of their previous New York Rock and Soul Revue. They play a combination of hits from the member's respective careers as well as a number of classic R&B and Soul covers."

The Dukes of September have just released “The Dukes of September Live”- a concert film of their recent performance at New York’s Lincoln Center.

The concert is definitely worth checking out! Get it on DVD or Blu-ray from Walmart and Amazon.

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