Better Made, Faygo, Little Caesars... just a few things associated with Michigan, but of course you have to add Superman ice cream to that list. So it's no surprise that a new study found that Michigan's favorite ice cream is just that.

Workwise, a software developer, found each state's favorite by using Google searches. Surprisingly, the study found that people are into more diverse flavors outside of the classics. For example, Beer ice cream was the favorite in Connecticut and Tutti Fruitti (gross) was the favorite in California.


If you were born and/or raised in Michigan, though, then you know that Superman is a staple and almost every child's favorite for the superhero's colors alone -- red, blue, and yellow. According to Wikipedia, Superman ice cream was started by Detroit-based, Stroh's... yes, the same company that makes Stroh's beer.

In general, though, Cookies and Cream was found to be the #1 favorite among most Americans. The top 5 favorite flavors in the U.S. are:

  1. Cookies and Cream (14 states)
  2. Vanilla (5)
  3. Chocolate (4)
  4. Peppermint (4)
  5. Strawberry (4)

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