Happy Fall... I think?

Taco Bell just released Caramel Apple Freeze as their new slushy flavor and it's supposed to hit you with all the "Fall feels." The fast-food joint is advertising it as a less messy way to enjoy one of your favorite snacks. Apparently, a lot colder too. The new slush is made with a layer of caramel sauce topped with a green apple flavored slushy.

I don't know about you but I think I just gagged a little. And nothing against TBell but anything that's "apple-flavored" makes me think back to when I was young and dumb and took a swig of Apple Pucker and immediately puked. It's scarred me ever since. So when it comes to a caramel apple, I think I'll stick to the one on an actual stick.

But if you're feeling super basic and trying to get Instagram likes, this Caramel Apple Freeze will do the trick. However, you'll need to stop at your nearest Taco Bell and get it soon because it's only available for a limited time.

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