W. MI Baby Delivered By State Trooper on Side of Freeway
A Michigan State trooper can now add "delivered a baby" to his resume. Sunday morning, an officer from the Hart Post was called to a "medical emergency" on M-82 in Newaygo County. MLive says that due to a language barrier, the trooper did not know what kind of emergency he would be approaching...
2-Month-Old Michigan Baby Says “Hello” [Video]
A baby from Michigan is already a viral sensation and he can't even speak yet. Sort of. Samantha Jones, of Jackson, was taking a Snapchat video of her 2-month-old son, Christian, for her friend. In the video, Samantha is telling her son to say "hello" to Amber...
Baby! What A Surprize! [VIDEO]
It's a neat trick...time lapse photography. And time consuming. I guess when you have some time on your hands...and come up with some cool stuff. Here's a great answer for the kids when they ask "Where do babies come from?"