Back to the Future

There Will Never Be a ‘Back to the Future’ Sequel or Reboot
It's almost surprising at this point that there has not been a 'Back to the Future' reboot or sequel. When you look back at the popular and successful properties of the 80s, there are few that haven't been modernized. Sony is practically falling all over themselves to get a new 'Ghostbusters' in theaters. This year alone saw new 'RoboCop,' 'Muppets,' 'Ninja Turtles,' 'Jump Street' and 'Transformers' movies. But, despite the frequency of these remakes, it doesn't look like you'll ever see a new 'Back to the Future' movie. And, that's a pretty great thing.
A Nice Vinyl Find at Dodd’s Record Store!
Lately, it seems like every artist has been releasing their latest works on that classic format of vinyl. I have been trying to bring up my vinyl collection lately, especially with KISS re-releasing all of their albums on vinyl. My wallet has been emptying quickly sadly, but another one showed up recently that said, "Darn it, I have to buy this one!"

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