Texting Man Nearly Walks Into Bear [VIDEO]
Yep. A lot of us walk and text, but this is not probably going to happen to most of us.  Remember that lady that fell into the fountain at the mall while she was walking and texting?  This is well, just a little different. Check out this dude and he books it...
Big Surprise For The Cable Guy–A Bear!
A cable repairman in suburban New Jersey got the shock of his life during a housecall. A sleeping bear was in the basement of a house we was working on! People had reported the bear was seen in the area, but according to the WNBC-TV report, no one was sure how the bear got into the house.
Monopoly Game Interruped by Bear
Hotel on Boardwalk? Community Chest?  Bear?
Crazy story, but A Dutch family vacationing in New Hampshire  were playing Monopoly with their grandmother on the back deck of her house  Monday when they heard their mother inside screaming at them to "get in the house."