Top Five Beer Growlers
With spring finally here, it's the perfect time to start getting ready for camping trips, brewery visits, road trips and more! So if you don't have a growler, what are you waiting for? They keep your beer carbonated, cold and fresh- but it's more than that! They're also great for…
The B.O.B., Including Judsons, Re-Opening Today
The B.O.B. - The Big Old Building on the corner of Fulton & Monroe is re-opening today for the 2nd time. And sorry there's no pig roast this time, like when they re-opened on June 19.
After it totally makes sense for the BOB to re-open after seeing long lines down the street on Social Ho…
New "Black is Beautiful" Beer Initiative
A few weeks ago I told you about some new beers that are available for you this summer. Now have even more new brews with local breweries taking part in a "Black is Beautiful" initiative to raise awareness about social issues affecting black people.
The B.O.B. Re-Opening Today & Friday
The BOB...The Big Old Building on the corner of Fulton & Monroe is opening today with a VIP Party and Friday with a Pig Roast and entertainment.
Today (Thursday) this is a VIP Party at 4 p.m. Their first day open and a celebration for VIP Gregslist Member. Di...

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