Help Us Find West Michigan’s Favorite Nachos
October 21st is International Nacho Day, and in celebration of this holiday, we'd like to know where YOU go for nachos here in West Michigan? Everyone has a different opinion of what should go on nachos, and which ones are the best, so tell us, where are the best nachos?
Grand Rapids Tops Lots of Great Cities Lists – Braggadocio
While some people might feel that 2016 was a horrible year, it was a great year for our city, as Grand Rapids made a bunch of lists as one of the top cities to do, well basically, anything! From best quality of life, to best place to start a business, Grand Rapids is a fantastic place to be! Talk ab…
The Most Peaceful and Stressful Sates
Okay, this first-ever state ranking of peace in the United States, the Institute for Economics came up with this. Not sure what that is, but whatever... I'm not a fan of these lists usually, but I was curious to see if Michigan Made the list... So Did We? Did Detroit Ruin us again?
Best Snow Slide Ever!
Okay, I grew up in Northern Michigan, and I would have LOVED to have done something like this, not to mention having it in my own yard. Look how much fun these kids are having! BEST DAD EVER!