Happy Birthday to Twitter!
Twitter is all of eight years old today.
Happy birthday annoying social media site.
Do you remember your first tweet? There's a part of the site where you can see your first tweets including the guy who started Twitter, too!
Happy 86th Birthday Mr Rogers!
Yes, Mr. Rogers would have been 86 today. He was born on this date in Latrobe, PA.
Latrobe is also the home to Rolling Rock beer. It's very possible you will need one or two of those brews to watch the following Mr. Rogers video.
Happy 75th Birthday Krispy Kreme!
75 years ago, in Winston-Salem North Carolina, the first Krispy Kreme store opened. This, the first White Castle, and the first McDonalds location openings are holidays in my house, so I'll see you on Monday! Have a great weekend!
Happy Birthday Grand Rapids! 162!
That's alot of candles! As a Facebook Friend said, "You don't look a day over 160!" Ha! I wonder what Larry King thinks about all this. Since he was just a boy when GR became a city, he can relate to what the world was like back in 1850. No Motor cars, not a single luxury…
Happy Birthday Chuck E. Cheese!
Yep, the big grey mouse is 35! Happy Birthday, Mr. Cheese! Wonder if he celebrates with tokens, pizza, his animatronic friends and tickets? ;) The guy who founded Atari (remember that?) Nolan Bushnell, started Chuck E. Cheese back in 1977. And long after Atari is just a memory to us who played video…
Twinkies Used to Be Filled With What?
Happy birthday to the Twinkie on of my FAVORITE Treats!
The soft snack cakes were invented by a Chicago baker on this day in 1930.  In the early years, they were not blessed with that famous vanilla creamy filling we know and love. They, instead, were filled with -- what? Any Guesses?

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