10 Awesomely Creative Cars We Wish We Had
Besides being vital components in most of our lives, cars can be really awesome creative canvases. Even though not everyone is into all that complicated, fancy shmancy car decor, there's a big chance these weirdly awesome cars could change your mind.
High Speed Police Chase Takes Surprising Turn
We sat through this whole thing video of a high-speed police pursuit in Inglewood, Calif., waiting for something horrible to happen, because it's the internet. Magically, nothing horrible does happen. We aren't going to give away the surprise ending...
Michigan’s Most Stolen-Car Edition
Auto theft declined nationally last year, but remains a threat in parts of Michigan. The Detroit area had nearly 20,000 automobiles stolen in 2011 ranking it the 11th worst location in the country. The annual list of most stolen automobiles is always full of surprises and the 2011 list of most stol…
NEW Cars Song
Yep, new song from the Cars including Ric Ocasek!   It's been a long time, and they are back on tour! The Original Band Minus Ben Orr, who passed away 10 years ago. Pretty cool, check it out!