Must See TV Night No More
I remember Thursday night TV like it was yesterday.
"Cheers" and "Night Court" started it off.
Then, in 1984, Must See TV was invented -- and NBC rode that horse for 30 years.
Uh-Oh! Trouble At The Kasem Compound! [Video NSFW]
Famous radio DJ and voice actor Casey Kasem has been out of the public eye for awhile. Since stepping down from hosting his countdown show, he has kept a pretty low profile. A random TV appearance here, or radio guest spot there. I remember getting a call from Casey urging me, as an Arab American, t…
Classic TV Throwdown–Best 80’s TV Cliffhanger
It's another Classic TV Throwdown! Here's where we remember back to when there were only 15 channels, no internet, and no cell phones! How did we survive! This Classic TV Throwdown is "Best TV Cliffhanger of the 80's--"Who shot J.R." from Dallas or "…