Highway To The Manger Zone
Kenny Loggins responds to a viral tweet about his 'December' Christmas album by rewriting his '80s hit, Danger Zone. Check out the video of him singing the hottest new Christmas song of 2017.
Last Minute Christmas Shopping Hours
If you are like me, you will probably be out finishing your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So I have put together a list of just how late you can shop at many stores. These hours will be your last chance to finish your shopping. Please keep in mind some hours vary from st…
Christmas Prank Revenge
When you give someone a big gift, sometimes you want to make them work for it. Case in point this video is about a father giving his sons a hard time when they wanted a new xbox 360 years ago. Only the box was full of gag gifts, bowl of rocks etc. Years later, the boys turned the tables on dad.

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