Christmas Prank Revenge
When you give someone a big gift, sometimes you want to make them work for it. Case in point this video is about a father giving his sons a hard time when they wanted a new xbox 360 years ago. Only the box was full of gag gifts, bowl of rocks etc. Years later, the boys turned the tables on dad.
Bedroom Covered In Wrapping Paper [VIDEO]
For someone who notoriously hates Christmas and has just travelled 30 hours from Sydney... Happy Christmas Gareth Neary
Posted by John French on Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Hopefully this prank changed this grinch's outlook on Christmas...
Survey Finds Many Scrambling to Finish Christmas Shopping
Well, I know I've mentioned this before and I've been guilty of this myself.
However, attention last-minute Christmas shoppers: Get 'er done!
A survey released today by GameStop showed that nearly half of 400 surveyed Dec. 20 and 21 had completed less than 50 percent of their shopping a…

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