Ted Turner’s End of the World Video
JoJo Girard and I both went to Central Michigan. At CMU before the politically correct 1990s, the annual Central/Western weekend (when WMU and CMU played the home football game in Mt. Pleasant) was also the home of the "End of the World" party. Ahh those were the days!
Michigan Town Buys More Taco Bell Than Most!
Im a proud former Central Michigan student. No I didn't graduate from CMU, but I went for two years. Loved my time there, but dropped out when I got my first job in radio. While I was in the Mountain town, There was one interesting distinction Mt. Pleasant held, and it had to do with the Taco B…
Today Is College Radio Day!
And sometimes between 3 and 7 in the afternoons you can celebrate College Radio Day EVERYday! ;) I remember the first time I was "really" on the air...was the fall of 1988 at CMU. I worked the morning show 3 days a week at WCHP, which was the little college station at Central you c…

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