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Scented Candle Smells for 12 West Michigan Cities
We love West Michigan and all of the sights, sounds and smells it brings throughout the year. Well, at least most of the smells.
What if you could take all of those smells home with you in a scented candle?
Here's what it would smell like if you could.
Grand Rapids Woman Sues Jimmy John's
A Grand Rapids woman is suing the sub shop, Jimmy John's because of an allergic reaction that she says left her disabled.
Lindsey Bresnahan, whom is allergic to mustard, placed an order with the Jimmy John's on Alpine Ave NW, in Comstock Park, back in June when she ordered th…
Christmas Lights
With my birthday is being right around the Christmas holiday, seeing giant Christmas light displays is right up my alley.
As a Kalamazoo native, I grew fond of Christmas Card Lane on Lauderdale Street. Everyone put larger-than-life Christmas cards in their front yards with lights and some automated t…
Just 2 Local 7-11s Left
First in a series
Although Grand Rapids is a growing, vibrant city of national acclaim and new found business desire, some existing haunts in the city are drying up.
For all the H&Ms, Cabella's and Five Guys, there are other older franchises struggling to stay afloat.
This is a look at s…

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