Coors Light

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What if instead of watching a Super Bowl ad on TV, that ad could be implanted in your dreams the nights before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs play in Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7th. That's exactly what Coors is trying to do to promote their product.
The WFGR Glow Golf Party Is Friday!
Ever golfed at night? I have golfed close to night time a couple of times. Once finishing up 18 holes at about 9:45 at night. The other was when a buddy lived right by an exclusive course in Portage (I won't tell you the course, but it rhymes with "The Bores") and we would jump on and play…
If you're a beer drinker, you know Coors took beer drinking technology to new heights when they introduced their cold-activated cans. You know ... The ones that feature mountains that turn blue when cold.
Well, they've just upped the ante according to Beer News...