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Bill Nye The Science Guy DWTS Drama?
What goes around comes around. When I was growing up, the two most famous "nerds" on TV were Pee Wee Herman, and Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Now, MY kids have been watching Bill Nye episodes on You Tube for the past few months. Love that theme song...Bill Bill Bill…
Steve Winwood Is Celebrating Today [VIDEO]
Are you cutting birthday cake today?  All of us at Classic Hits 98.7 WFGR salute you!  And you are in good company.  Also cuttin' cake today is Cheryl Burke (27) from Dancing with the Stars.
Melanie Chisholm, Sporty Spice (35)
and rocker Steve Winwood (63) who  started his career with the Spencer Davi…
The Stars Get Everything
So last night, after Dancing With The Stars, ABC debuted their new show Skating With The Stars . Hasn't this gotten a little out of hand...what's next? Freebasing with the stars?