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Major League Baseball – Divisional Playoffs
Last week in the MLB it was the best of three Wild Card Series. This week, the playoffs continue with Division Series best of five and that will be followed by League Championship best of seven. So now we're down to eight teams.
The World Series will then start on October 20th in …
Major League Baseball – Playoff Preview
Hockey just concluded the Stanley Cup Playoffs with Tampa Bay beating the Dallas Stars. And now Major League Baseball seems to be the only sport playing somewhat of a normal time table.
It's October and the playoffs are here and, sadly, this is another sport where a team from Detroit is not…
Support Your Favorite Michigan Teams With These Fan Masks
Looks like the new normal will be having to wear a face mask. In fact there are stories of people getting into a fights because someone isn't wearing one.
So get used to it you're going to have to wear a mask. But who said it has to be dull and boring...

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