A Very Merry Drunk Christmas! [VIDEO]
I dont know how they keep putting out the funny videos the way they do, but Funny or Die is becoming the gold standard in funny online viedos with famous people. Taylor Lautner in NFL parody, to everything with Will Ferrel in it!
Man Gets Two DUI’s in One Night
This guy is a real winner!
Police have charged a man in Pennsylvania with driving drunk twice in the same night — the second time about 15 minutes after they released him into the custody of a friend!  Idiot!
Man Goes for Wild Drunk Mower Ride
A Guy  is accused of assaulting a police officer after he was arrested on a drunken-driving charge — aboard a lawn tractor!!
Police say got a call of a drunk man driving his mower in the middle of the road!
Top 10 Things to Do While Drunk
Drinking too much usually results in something ad, but there is some good that can come out of it.
Think about it, there are some things we actually do better when we're a little hammered.