I Hope Keith Olbermann Doesn’t Get Fired [Video]
I like Keith Olbermann. I like his show on ESPN2 -- a lot.
I'm kind of peeved they moved it from 11 p.m. to 5 p.m.; I will never get to see it again.
And as much as I like Keith, his commentary and standing up for what's right and snarky good, I almost have to wonder when he will be fired.
Metallica Does New 'SportsCenter' Promo
I'm not gonna lie; I'm not really a Metallica fan.
I know, you are thinking to yourself: "What Diabetes Boy, are you a communist?"
I mean "One" and "Enter Sandman" are all right, but I'm not a huge speed metal fan. I'm sorry Metalhead Ned, but I'm just bringing the truth.
Grand Rapids Makes National TV Again…Yawn.
Remember when no one outside of Kent County cared about Grand Rapids? When the only reason GR would be mentioned was when the fact that more Jello is eaten here per capita than any other American city. Those days are over. Really.
20 Years Ago: Chasing O.J.
I remember June 17, 1994, like it was yesterday.
I lived in Gaylord, and it was 97 degrees that Friday. I stayed the night in an air conditioned hotel room and watched the whole thing on TV like everyone else did. I still can hear the police officer on TV say: "The Los Angeles Police Department,…
One More Muse About Letterman Retiring
Yes, I know. Dave Letterman is retiring.
We have heard about how Dave is the "Reining King of Late Night," a title I doubt Dave would ever agree with.
There was only one King of Late Night: Johnny Carson. Dave is the prince, but there was only one king. God rest his soul.
And we know Dave's…
Jimmy V Foundation Commercial Makes Me Cry.
Damn Jimmy V Foundation. They used to use sports figures to recite the famous Jim Valvano speech from the ESPYS. Now they are using kids and parents of kids with cancer. I hate crying at TV commercials. Maybe it's because I'm tired. Maybe it's because like so many cancer has touched m…
Keith Olbermann Is Hitting It Out Of The Park.
Yes if you are a Tigers fan, you probably don't care as much about the World Series these days. You are not alone. The country as a collective whole isn't caring that much either. Unless you are in Boston or St Louis, this year's Fall Classic isn't reaching the masses.
The Rich Rod Era Officially Over
When you get let go from a job, what do you do with all the stuff you have amassed from said workplace. If you are Rich Rod, you give it to the Salvation Army...Story HERE from ESPN...

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