funny videos

Dancing Manhole Cover in Pheonix
Apparently it's rained a LOT in the desert, enough to cause air pressure problems in the sewer. Enough air pressure problems to cause this manhole cover to get down and boogie.
Talk About Eating Your Feelings
Someone took Food Network Star Guy Fieri host of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and overlaid it with Johnny Cash cover of a song 'Called Hurt'. This video speaks to me on an emotional level.
Funny Baby Laughs to Get Out of Nail Clipping
This video is equal parts, sweet, cute, and funny. This baby is getting her nails cut by her father. She's figured out that if she screams or cries as her daddy is getting close to her finger, he jumps back. This becomes a super cute game, with a lot of laughter ensuing.

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