Well, Greenville Had Lowest Gas Prices in U.S.
Well, Greenville had the lowest gas prices in the nation.
Had, but not anymore.
In a surprising move, the oil companies realized that Michigan had some of the lowest -- if not THE -- lowest gas per gallon price in the nation. So, they stopped that crap in a big hurry.
Gas Prices Going Down-Finally Some Good News!
The Stock markets took a real hit on Monday and people are worried .  But there is some good news  out there today.  WZZM 13 News talked with local analyst Patrick DeHaan from He says One benefit of the concerns about the United States' economy will soon be seen at…
“What The–“
Have you seen this Commercial? It's for Best Buy's BuyBack program.
Watch the lady who looks up at the billboard that tells her "It's newer than your phone"...her response is priceless...
I thought the same thing when I got this Tweet from Gasbuddy...
Here Comes The Gas Again….
Goin' up like a memory....OK so I'm not Annie Lennox...But according to we are heading back to $3/gallon before the end of the week....Getting tired of this!