Grand Rapids Public Schools

G.R. Students Will Be Able to Get a Head Start in College
Starting this fall, some high school students will be able to take college courses. The Grand Rapids Public School and Grand Rapids Community College teamed up to create an 'Early Middle College' program. This will allow students to take college classes that will earn them credit towards getting their Associates Degree...
SmartArt Student Art Competition Winners Announced
A Grand Rapids Public Schools senior’s painting depicting the evolution of electricity production in Michigan has earned her a $1,000 college scholarship and prominent display of her winning creation in downtown Grand Rapids as ArtPrize heads into its final week.
City High Middle School Ranked #3 in the State by U.S. News & World Report
More honors are coming Grand Rapids Public Schools way, this time from U.S. News and World Report. In February, I reported that Grand Rapids Public Schools City High Middle School has been ranked the #1 high school in the state on Bridge Magazine’s list of “2015 High School Academic State Champs”. Now, City High Middle school has been ranked the #3 high school in the state of Michigan by U.S. News
Today is ‘Count Day’ for Public Schools
Today, Wednesday, October 7 is one of two designated "count days" as required by the State School Aid Act to determine state funding for Michigan’s K-12 public school districts. Funding is based on the total student count/attendance on those two days. Obviously, it is vitally important that our schools have all of their students in attendance since their vital state funding counts the he

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