Michigan Woman Could Be “Greatest Baker” In The WORLD!
Tahny Lowry has made her way to the quarter finals of a world-wide baking competition. The Jackson, Michigan resident who owns Lowry’s Little Flock Farm near Horton with her husband Kent, is competing in the Greatest Baker competition against approximately 8,000 other bakers from around the world.
2-Month-Old Michigan Baby Says “Hello” [Video]
A baby from Michigan is already a viral sensation and he can't even speak yet. Sort of. Samantha Jones, of Jackson, was taking a Snapchat video of her 2-month-old son, Christian, for her friend. In the video, Samantha is telling her son to say "hello" to Amber...
Uncle Ted
Think what you will of Michigan's Uncle Teddly, he does speak with passion and intelligence...HERE is a piece from the Washington Times