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2015 Oscars: Idina Menzel and John Travolta Meet at Last
Last year, John Travolta took the Oscar stage to introduce Idina Menzel so she could perform “Let It Go” from Frozen. What should have been a very simple, teleprompter-aided introduction quickly became a Big Deal when Travolta stumbled over his words. Instead of “Idina Menzel,&#…
Could John Travolta Play a Future Bond Villain?
It's been a rough decade for John Travolta, and his self-destructive slide looks to continue now that he's signed on to voice the lead character in a Gummy Bears movie. For that reason, we have a hard time believing that he's spoken to the James Bond franchise producers about playing a villain in a …
Classic Throwdown-Barbarino Vs. Gibb
It's another Classic TV Throwdown, just in time for the new week! Today it's 1970's Classic TV hair. John Travolta vs. the brothers Gibb! Look at those glorious mane's of rich, feathery goodness! So here's your chance vote for your fav!