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Guy Pearce Says Kevin Spacey Was ‘Handsy’ With Him
Following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and assault, things have been fairly quiet on the Kevin Spacey front — even though he (surprisingly) has a new movie hitting theaters this summer. But Spacey’s name was brought up in a recent TV interview with Guy Pearce, who suggeste…
'House of Cards' Might Not Be Able to Fire Kevin Spacey
It didn’t take long for Netflix and House of Cards to distance themselves from star Kevin Spacey in the wake of pedophilia accusations from actor Adam Rapp. Producers placed Spacey on leave with intent to rewrite House of Cards’ final season around Robin Wright’s Claire, but the…
A Purrfect Ranking of the Best Cats In Movie History
We’ve seen cats do almost everything in the movies. Fight evil witches, use human toilets, go on epic adventures, and become cryogenically frozen. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you realize one essential movie of the cat genre was missing: a Kevin Spacey cat movie.

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