Bye, Bye Kmart and Other Grand Rapids Businesses
2016 was quite a year, huh? We elected, and will be swearing in, a new President very soon, had to say goodbye to so many movie stars, recording artists, and others, who have made a difference, or had an effect, in our lives. And, locally, we have seen many, popular, or formally popular, businesses …
Christmas Shopping Primer/Countdown
Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone. So have Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.
After all, you've only got until Christmas Eve to do your shopping for Christmas.
Here's a list of some stores and restaurants to visit as you continue your Christmas shopping.
It’s A Joe Boxer Christmas.
The people at Kmart are at least going out in a blaze of glory. The business world has been predicting the death of Sears and Kmart for a couple of years now. And if the icon Michigan retail brand is heading to Montgomery Ward and Woolworth's-Land, they at least aren't going down easy.
West Michigan Secret Santa’s Keeping The Faith
I'm sure you have seen the kind souls who have been going into local K-Mart stores (Hastings being the latest) and paying off random strangers lay-a-ways. The majority of them have been paying bills with lots of kids' clothing and toys. No big screen TV's or chainsaws have been taken …