Lego® Sculptures Coming to the Grand Rapids Public Museum
As a kid, I loved playing with Legos. I was excited when I was able to make a rectangular-shaped house look fairly decent. There is an incredible sculptor named Sean Kenney who puts together absolutely stunning works of art made with Legos. His "Wild Connections" exhibit will be making a s…
Check Out This Fan-Made ‘Ratatouille’ LEGO Set
Toy block company LEGO runs an online program called LEGO Ideas, where anyone is free to make a profile and use it to design new sets of their own imagining. It works almost like a Kickstarter for LEGOs: the crowd can submit their own concepts for new products, and if they’re able to rally enough su…
The Coolest Lego Pictures Yet!
We have all seen the Lego videos of the Blues Brothers and Star Wars, and even have had the Lego display at the museum here in town. Now there's an even cooler Lego picture page!

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