Man Walks Across Entire State of Michigan
This is a cool story of determination. At least he didn't do it in February!
A Man had cystic fibrosis brought him to a situation walking across a room proved was tough. After a lung transplant he decided to take on the 214-mile trek
He began his journey in Port Huron on Friday and has been walki…
Filmgoer Sues Over High Snack Prices
So this guy named Josh loves to go the movies but  he hates the prices theaters charge for concessions like pop and candy, so he finally snapped!
He filed a class action in Wayne County Circuit Court against his local AMC theater in hopes of forcing theaters statewide to dial down snack prices.
Man Graduates College at 99!
Well, better late than never...
An Oregon man who dropped out of college just short of graduation in 1932 has earned his degree at age 99 - Just before 100 - Good goin' grandpa!
Randy Macho Man Dies in Car Accident
Oh I cannot tell you how many hours of WWF wrestling we watched growing up and how many times we watched this guy.  Look like the Macho Man has left us at the age of 57.
Reports are that he had car accident in Florida, possibly brought on by a heart attack...
Kid Makes a Ton of Cash on Man Candles
After relentlessly teasing his sister for selling candles as a school fundraiser, 13-year old Hart Main came up with a genius idea. Make candles that even dudes will like! So, after a little experimenting, Hart came up with a series of candles for men called, appropriately enough, "Mancans!…

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