25 Days of Christmas Movies on Freeform!
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without our beloved movies during the holiday season.
And now that it's December, it's time for Freeform's 25 Days of continuous Christmas movies (with some other favorites in between).
Some of this year's movies include the ones that alway…
Roles that Drove Actors to the Breaking Point
I guess it goes to show that everybody can have a bad day at the office. Actors are no different. Find out which movies almost drove big name actors like Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Sir Ian McKellen, Al Pachino, and Emma Watson to say the words "I quit!" Find out here!
Video Celebrating the Villains of the Silver Screen
Like it or not bad guys are essential to just about every story. For instance would you watch a movie of Superman hanging out on a couch because he has nothing else to do? Of course not. This video highlights the best moments of "bad guys" by the best actors.

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