mt dew

Craig’s Review Of Taco Bell’s New Breakfast
First there was FourthMeal. Now there's First Meal. Taco Bell has reintroduced breakfast at it's 72,318 locations in North America. OK maybe that number is a bit high. It jsut seems like there's that many locations. When I say reintroduce, I mean that TB has had breakfast before. So h…
Craig’s Picture of the Day No. 45
Yesterday was Throwback Thursday.
Today is Right Now Friday.
So, my picture of the day today is me in the present -- in my office at 98.7 WFGR Classic Hits, with a Papa John's pizza box and a two-liter container of Mountain Dew.
It’s Baaack! Glass Bottled Pop!
Yes it's true, I'm from Michigan. I don't call it "soda" or "Coke" or a "soft drink". I call it "Pop" I love when I'm in certain stores and the signs above the pop aisle say BOTH "Soda" and …
Freak Alert #1- Sinead O’Connor NOT Divorcing Now!
So three weeks ago Sinead O'Connor got married. Last week she announced her husband of 18 days and her were splitting up. Something about smoking hash and his family figured out she was a loon. Well, now they are back! Now they aren't getting divorced after all! WTHeck!
Mt. Dew Can Disolve A Rat. Sweet. I Think.
Let's get a couple of things out of the way right off the bat. A) I like Mt. Dew a lot. It's not a love, but a very strong "like". Tasty, and gives me some energy, although I have NO idea why. ;) B) I'm a diabetic, and really shouldn't be drinking it. But I do. I know. One of these days th…